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Rebecca Hong

Frontend Developer

Hey you! Thank you for giving my bio some love 😊 I am Rebecca, a front end developer that wears many different hats from the Bay Area. My first exposure to web development was in 2005. A wonderful college volunteer came by the afterschool program I attended and blew my mind away with HTML and CSS. However, I was totally ignorant of how important CSS was at the time (partially because my tiny brain couldn’t wrap my head around) so I built HTML websites with in-line styles for the longest time. 😅 Fast-forward to fifteen years later, post-procrastination and identity crisis era, I’ve finally achieved minimal greatness and learned the web fundamental basics (HTML, CSS, and Javascript). As of March 2020, my primary focus right now is to learn more about headless/decoupled CMS, ReactJS (and GatsbyJS), and create production-ready websites. I am a strong believer in continuous learning and improvement because who doesn’t enjoy learning new things! A few of my hobbies include visual arts, sewing, woodworking, and car repairs which all play a part in my ever-growing interest and passion for development. To me, web development consists of many different building blocks — similar to legos but instead, we write chunks of code — and when put together properly, it can result in an amazing work of art that delivers information to users from around the world. A healthy mindset and lifestyle are super important but can be difficult to achieve at times but with the support of an amazing community can greatly help! Will you join us in the #devinitelyhealthy community to learn, grow, and thrive together?


I provide positive vibes and support to my fellow developers in their button pushing journey.


Frontend Development, Headless/deccoupled CMS, ReactJS/GatsbyJS, Visual Arts

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Positive vibes, advice for your frontend journey

Favorite book:

Atomic Habits

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The best advice you would give:

Always stay positive, it always could be worse.