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Frontend Developer

I’m an Agile Coach and Masterstudent of Digital Transformation with the vision to create workplaces that are fun, flexible, healthy and productive for everyone involved. Additionally I enjoy visual note taking (graphic recording), dancing and teaching argentine tango and exploring my boundaries in the bouldering gym. I believe the internet is owned by cats.


Assisting #teams to build #healthy working environments to fulfill their customers' wildest dreams.


Agile Coaching (Scrum & beyond), Online Facilitation, Sketchnotes & Graphic Recording

Available for:

Short-term Coaching, literature recommendations & small doodles. Unfortunately I don't have a lot energy for side projects right now.

Favorite book:

Winnie the Pooha

Favorite tool:

Sticky Notes and Pens.

The best advice you would give:

Always remember to feed your cat before attending video conferences.