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Manan Gouhari


Hey! I’m Manan 👋, currently working on a blockchain project and side-by-side hustling to level-up my dev skills. I love to work with the philosophy of "Do what you can’t," it’s from a superb video by Casey Neistat, look it up. Would love to get on a call to discuss ideas, hit me up on twitter at @manangouhari, or on Instagram at @manan.code


Developer who loves to create content and connect with others. Finding ways to create impact.


JS, Python, web development

Available for:

Happy to collaborate either on conent or fun projects, or quick call to jam on ideas 😁

Favorite book:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Internet of Money

Favorite tool:

Notion, VSCode, Spotify🎶

The best advice you would give:

Do what you can’t. - Casey