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Long Shong

Data Engineer

Hey! I am a graduated computer engineer who is convinced that your mindset and personal development is the only thing you consistently need to work on to become the entrepreneur of your biggest project: your own life. My goal is to create a place I wish I had when I started my journey, a place where positive and like-minded content creators who like to share their experiences and best practices in a collective place: the #devinitelyhealthy community. In my free time, I create educational content on Instagram or tech videos on YouTube. If you want to connect with me, find me on instagram mostly @long.integer and drop me a comment or slide into my DMs!


Creating digital automation solutions and tech videos on YouTube inspiring others becoming more productive and #devinitelyhealthy.


Building digital automated systems

Available for:

Gaming Sessions, Data-driven projects

Favorite book:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Favorite tool:


The best advice you would give:

Do the right thing and the right thing will align with you.