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Justin Bieshar

Game Developer

Hey, my name is Justin Scott Bieshaar, I am a Game Developer from the Netherlands. My passion for programming and Game Development in particular started when I had an injury. This injury made my path to get into Game Development very tough. I believe everyone has struggles to overwin like I had to do, this is why I believe sharing my experience will help those who need an extra push to get motivated.Not only do I want to motivate and inspire others, but also put Game Development into the picture. Game Development is an amazing field I feel not many people know about. Everyone has their imagination, the beauty of Game Development is that you make this imagination alive.


A passionated Game Developer who loves to share knowledge and experience. Never hold yourself back when pursuing your dreams.


Java, C#, C++, JavaScript/HTML5, Unity3D

Available for:

Game Development

Favorite book:

The pragmatic programmer, Head first Physics

Favorite tool:

IntelIJ, Jira, Microsoft Office

The best advice you would give:

Always do what YOU love the most and don’t let money put you away from doing what you love.