Duane Chetcuti

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Duane Chetcuti

Frontend Developer

My passion is to create digital experiences. This includes web development, design, social media marketing, and even game development. I come from a full-stack dev background because I learned most of what I know from my own projects or from the workplace, which I was already doing while I was pursuing my college degree in software development. After I graduated, I started to experience the real world, by working in several teams of different skills and backgrounds, working towards a common goal. I started building a passion and appreciation for the frontend side of things, as I learned how important first impressions and ease of use are. This has lead me to expand on user interface design and user experience. I think it is very important to not just have a good solution as a product, but to also have a great experience using that solution. It was in 2019 when I joined an online community of developers and started sharing my knowledge and experiences online. It gives me pleasure to know that my content is helping others or inspiring them. This lead me to create a blog and even start a YouTube channel to reach more people. I think social media is the perfect place to reach people and affect them. Many use social media to kill time, I use it to make a difference. How are you using it?


As a digital creator, my mission is to create things I enjoy, such as video games and educational content.


Full-Stack Web Development, UI/UX Design, Unity3D Game Development, Social Media Marketing, Digital Business

Available for:

Always open to collaborating on a great digital business idea where I can bring my coding skills to the table.

Favorite book:

Rework by Jason Fried & David H. Hansson

Favorite tool:

Jetbrains IDEs

The best advice you would give:

If you want to be successful, you have to start with your mindset.