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Albina Peposhi

Frontend Developer

Howdy! My name is Albina. I’m a Gen Z tech enthusiast and started to learn HTML & CSS at the age of 12. After practicing a lot also with JavaScript (ReactJS too), I’m learning C++ and focusing on Software Development. Some of the main activities I do daily: sport, code, read and eat healthy food 🙂 Apart from endless coding events, I’m focusing on: GirlsWayInTech, which is a movement aiming to close the gender gap in technology and get more girls in this field. I really enjoy connecting with programmers from around the world, doing some #deviniteyhealthy conversations, sharing my journey and those are the main reasons why I started being active on Instagram and YouTube. You can find me on social media, my username is codergirl_al.


I’m a young fitness freak, learning programming and using social media platforms to empower girls in tech.


C++, ReactJS, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS

Available for:

Web Development Projects

Favorite book:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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The best advice you would give:

Never stop where you are, you can always get better and learn something new.